Member Testimonials

Ballard Sunset Toastmasters is made up of a warm, friendly, encouraging group of people.  From beginner to advanced, the club members are dedicated to each other’s success.  Here are some testimonials from our members.

“The people are great, friendly, and helpful.  That’s what keeps me coming back since I want this experience to be a stress free opportunity to learn and practice…public speaking…My few visits here have already confirmed that I have made the right decision to continue as part of this chapter.”

“Ballard Sunset has a reputation as very friendly and supportive club, which makes for a safe space in which to practice. In our club, you can totally mess up, forget what you want to say, or do something really silly or embarrassing, yet I can assure you that the group will receive you without judgment. (They’ll even laugh at your jokes!)”

“I remember my first visit to Ballard Sunset Toastmasters.  They asked me what I thought of the club.  I was blown away by how supportive and encouraging everyone was towards each other.”

“I can tell my communication skills are rusty after I’ve missed a few meetings.  It’s just practice.  Like anything else in life, you need to keep practicing, practicing speaking and communicating.  Ballard Sunset Toastmasters gives me the opportunity to do that each week.”

“Although I have much work to do with my ‘on-the-spot speaking rolls’, I have been giving a series of speaking events at my work over the past few weeks that I have knocked out of the park, so much so that I’ve been invited to Europe to present it! Thank you to my Ballard Sunset Toastmasters team for all of your support and unwavering faith through the thick and thin 🙂 This is a true testament that the program works!”