Dwayne Berg, ACB, CL

Dwayne Berg, ACB, CL

I’m the President for the Ballard Sunset Toastmaster Club.

I graduated WSU with a BA degree in Finance.

With much persistence, I began my career as an Investment Advisor in January ’87. While on the cusp of reaching the pinnacle of my career, my health failed.  Thus in 2008, with much thought and rumination, I’m now retired.

In the deep cold black winter month of December 2014, a light went on and I dragged my introverted self down to Toastmasters.

Toastmasters is a very welcoming place to go and spark a new voice. Never shying away from great idea, I decided to join.

It was best decision I ever made in my life! Happy Days are here again….I’ll be at Toastmasters for the rest of my life.