Matt Romero

I came to Toastmasters in 2018 while on disability recovering from a shoulder injury. I found the Ballard Sunset chapter of Toastmasters fun, warm and inviting and so stuck around to learn and grow as an orator and hope you do as well, as transferable skills abound. There are so many good benefits to joining Toastmasters that it’s certainly worth your time and effort. It’s a lot of fun.

I’m a writer by practice and have numerous published and unpublished stories and poems. I  earned BAs in English and Film from San Francisco State University. I’m currently working on a memoir on living and surviving homeless in San Francisco, Olympia, and Seattle. My day job is working at Ballard’s local Trader Joe’s. My other interests include hiking and music.

Prior to the pandemic I enjoyed going to live music outings, performing at open mic nights, and doing karaoke. Currently in our pandemic world mode, I’ve been exploring communities that have migrated to Zoom, working on my home workout routine (mostly a combination of stretches, planks and squats), and binge watching ABC’s classic series Lost.